Message From Head Teacher

Thank you for those early responses to our consultation letter dated 20.02.2018. The proposal is for the drop off time for children to change from 8.30am to 8.50am. This means that our expectation will be that no child will be left unsupervised at school until 8.50am unless we have agreed for your child to travel independently or is due to join breakfast club. We think that this later start will have little or no impact on your child’s personal and social development or education. The later start time will also mean that we can reduce staff costs and staff time can be used differently. The breakfast club will continue to run and if your child would like to attend then we will need to know in advance so that we can cater for them accordingly. We can ensure that we have appropriate staffing available to supervise them and provide breakfast (Please see the letter from Mr Ralph dated 14.07.2017 located in the letter section on the website). We think that students who leave home early and have long journeys may benefit from a later pick up time. Thank you for your responses so far. We continue to welcome more responses so we fully understand the implication of the proposed changes. I will be delighted to see you and discuss this and other matters at our coffee morning on Thursday 1st March. Kind Regards Mr Les Milton