School Policies


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Please note that some of our policies are restricted and will therefore not open.
Where this is applicable you will be advised.
All policies are copyright of Laleham Gap School and should not therefore be copied.


Educational Policies/Development


LGS13 Anti-Bullying Policy  

LGS16 Home School Agreement  
LGS19 Accessibility Policy LGS42 Marking Policy (Primary Site)
LGS20 Marking Policy (Secondary) Cultural Development

LGS21 Learning & Teaching Policy 

(Under Review)

Moral Development

LGS24 Attendance Policy

(Under Review)

Social Development

LGS30 Special Educational Needs Policy

Spiritual Development


General Policies

LGS01 Health & Safety Policy

(Under Review)

LGS08 School Emergency Management & Continuity Plan Policy

LGS1a Health & Safety Accident Management Policy

(Under Review)

LGS09 Capability Policy

LGS02 Management of Personal Information

(Under Review)

LGS12 Designated Teacher Responsibility for CIC Policy


 Charging and Remissions Policy

LGS07 Finance Policy (Governors/Best Value)


LGS25 Single Equality Scheme Policy


Safeguarding Policies

Information Sharing & Confidentiality – Flowchart  Visitor Policy and procedure
LGS14 Online-Safety Policy  Guidance for Safer Working Practice

LGS15 Child Protection Policy

 Safeguarding Procedures – Managing Allegations in Schools

LGS18 Whistleblowing Policy  Prevent Policy 

LGS43 Searching & Confiscation Policy

 Keeping Children Safe in Education
LGS44 Positive Behaviour Policy What to do if you’re worried a child is being abused?

LGS45 Positive Handling, Support & Intervention Policy



Residential Policies

LGS26 Admission & Leaving Policy LGS51 Pupil Supervision Policy
LGS27 Keyworking Policy LGS52 Residential – Use of Personal Items Policy

LGS28 Philosophy of Care Policy

(Under Review)

LGS53 Residential Contribution to Education Policy
LGS29 Supervision Policy LGS54 Risk Assessment Policy
LGS46 Appraisal Policy LGS55 Staff Induction Policy
LGS47 Placement Planning Policy LGS56 Supervision of Personal Care Policy
LGS48 Extra Curricular Activities Policy LGS57 Monitoring in the Residential Setting
LGS49 Individual Case Files & Records Policy  
LGS50 Maintaining Links with Families Policy  Child Complaints Procedure


Medical Policies

Please note that we do not openly publish our medical policies – these are contained on our own internal website and available to parents/carers on request.
LGS32 Medical Policy – Asthma LGS35 Medical Policy – First Aid, Accidents & Reporting
LGS33 Medical Policy – Storage & Administration of Controlled (Scheduled) Drugs – Secondary LGS36 Medical Policy – Medical & Nursing Care
LGS34 Medical Confidentiality Policy LGS37 Medical Policy – Homely Remedies


Data Protection Policies

Fair Processing Notice (Layer One) – Summary