Educational Trips

Tesco Trip October 2017

This month Leopards Class went with Mr Ursell to Tesco’s superstore in Broadstairs to ‘Explore the Store.’ They had great fun interactively learning about their food and how it comes to the store. They had to hunt through the entire range of fruit and vegetables to find some of each colour of the rainbow! They even tasted a grape that was flavoured with…candy floss!!They learnt about fish from a skilled fishmonger. Those who wanted to (with gloves) handled plaice, mackarel, squid, oysters and more. They learnt why pilchards changed their name and what are the only shellfish that can swim (scallops). At the cheese counter (as well as trying 3 different cheeses) they discovered the 5 animals that Tesco’s use to make cheese. Because they were so well behaved sue and Cynthia from Tescos allowed them to walk into the giant fridges. They cooled down even further in the freezers, which were at a chilly -19.1!! Staff are only allowed in for a maximum of 20 minutes – we went in for under 5 seconds! The trip culminated in time back in the learning room where we tasted some of the healthy food and talked about our learning. We were so well behaved that the staff told Mr Ursell they would love to have us back anytime.