Speech & Language Therapy

Speech and Language therapy (SALT) is an important part of the support available to the children and young people at Laleham Gap who present with Speech, Language and Communication (SLCN) needs.


The Speech and Language Therapy team aim to provide appropriate advice and strategies to education staff in order to help them support children with speech, language and communication needs.

A training programme is agreed with the Senior Leadership team and delivered at staff meetings. In term 6 2016 we delivered training and offered advice to staff on Active Listening and Visual Support.  

In addition, children are supported indirectly through ad-hoc advice. Teaching staff at Laleham Gap School have access to support and advice from the team to help them to plan how best to continue to support children’s language needs as part of everyday learning.

A drop-in session is held on a weekly basis and provides the opportunity for discussion and sharing of ideas/ resources, for example how to promote visual support in the classroom, how to include signs and symbols in everyday teaching etc.


The SLT team works with students individually, in groups, as well as in the classroom where generalisation of previous targets is encouraged.

There are currently 23 Primary students and 22 Secondary students who access direct support from the team. Targets are documented in therapy plans (greensheets) and these are shared with families and teaching staff 3 times a year, usually in terms 1,3 and 5. For residential students, targets are also shared with the residential staff.

Targets and interventions are individualised to meet each child’s needs. Interventions widely used within the school are:

·         Vocabulary teaching

·         Active Listening

·         Language for Thinking

·         Derbyshire Language Scheme

·         Language Through Colour


Feedback from our students is important both to the Speech and Langauge Therapy team, and to our employers Kent Community Health Foundation Trust. We currently use a variety of surveys.

Survey 1                                                Survey 2

To get involved in the Speech and Language Therapy Service Parent Forum and help us improve our service then please contact your local Speech and Language Therapy team on 0300 123 8112 for further information.

We would like to know about your experience of using our healthcare services. If you have had a positive experience or if there are things we can do to improve we would like to hear from you. You can do this by visiting our ‘Talk to Us’ page on our website www.kentcht.nhs.uk and searching for Children’s Speech and Language Therapy to complete an online survey.



If you would like to discuss any aspect of Speech and Language Therapy, our contact telephone number is: (01843) 570598