School Meals

Our School meals are cooked on the premises and are varied, nutritious and healthy, with an abundance of fresh fruit and vegetables available. Special diets are catered for or, alternatively, pupils may bring a packed lunch. School meals are an important part of our day when there are opportunities to talk to friends and practice social skills as well as make choices. 

There is a change in the school dinner menu for the last 2 weeks of term 6 as we will be trialling a new menu. If any parents/carers have any recipe ideas that they would like to share with our kitchen staff, please click on the contact us button at the bottom of the home page and fill in the appropriate form or alternatively leave it at reception for the attention of the kitchen staff. Thank you.


The menu runs from week 1 to week 3 and includes information on the allergens through colour coding. 

Click here for the menu.


Please click here to see more information on the EU Legislation Regulations on Allergens.

Why choose school meals?

School meals offer a selection of freshly cooked main meals and desserts every day, often including pasta, salad, fresh fruit and yoghurt – at only £2.20 a day. All meals are nutritionally balanced over the course of our 3 week cycle and are served by friendly and cheerful catering staff. Children can sit down together and enjoy their meal whilst at the same time developing the social skills of eating together that are so important in later life. A well fed and happy child is more likely to be receptive to participating in the afternoon’s activities.

What are the benefits of my child having a school meal?

  • Introduces your child to a wide range of foods
  • Provides a balanced meal which improves concentration and learning in the afternoon
  • Children can sit down at a table together with a member of staff and enjoy a meal, whilst at the same time developing the social skills of eating together
  • Saves parents valuable time, money and energy in preparing packed lunches

What is Laleham Gap doing to help improve my child’s diet?

Each of our school kitchens follow the principles of Healthy Eating as far as is practicably possible. All our permanent staff are fully trained in all aspects of Food Hygiene, Health and Safety, Customer Care, nutrition and many other areas. 

Cost & how to pay?coins

£2.20 per day for a lunchtime meal, £11 per week.   

1) All dinner monies are required in advance at the beginning of the school week as this helps with ordering of food and quantities.

2) Payment can be made by cash, cheque (made payable to Laleham Gap School) or online via school money. Please contact the school office if you would like more information.

3) As a school we are not allowed to give credit to parents for children’s lunches – if you are unable to pay you will need to provide a packed lunch.

Free School Meals: 

Parents/Carers will have the opportunity to complete an eligibility assessment to establish whether whether they are entitled to Free School Meals, and if you are, you will be able to complete an application for Free School Meals. This process can be found on

We are happy to accomodate medical or cultural diets; for example Halal provision is available on request to the school. Please let us know if your child has been prescribed a medical diet and we will liaise with you, and the dietician. Should you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact us so that we can help your child enjoy their lunch.