Secondary School Uniform



Please ensure that all items are clearly marked


At the end of every school year, unmarked clothing will be disposed of.

We consider that the way in which a child is dressed in the school has an effect upon his/her self-image and self-esteem and upon the morale and tone of the school.

A high standard of dress and presentation is insisted upon.



Keystage 3 & 4 School Uniform



A plain V-neck jumper

Plain white shirt

Black tailored trousers or knee length skirt

School tie (available from the school office)

Flat black shoes



Keystage 3 & 4 P.E. Uniform


Royal blue polo shirt with school logo or T-shirt

Black shorts/tracksuit bottoms

Sports socks

Training shoes

A keyring would be useful to keep locker keys safe



School clothing can be bought from the Schoolwear Centre in Margate. Click here for their website.